Love Biltong? You’ll Love The Farmhouse Co.

Traditional biltong is a popular food for snacks, and CATERING IN PRETORIA you can’t get better quality than that from The Farmhouse Co. They began life as a biltong specialist and now have a full range of fresh food products to offer, and are famed for the very best in original food and snacks.
The Farmhouse Co. has a choice of biltong products for you, all made in the traditional way and at excellent prices, so you really can’t go wrong if you love biltong. They offer a safe and secure online shopping portal or you can visit them in their shop, where you can enjoy coffee and a snack in their friendly coffee shop and kiosk.

Have a closer look at their website now, or get in touch and see how you can enjoy the very best biltong in Pretoria, delivered to your door at excellent prices.

London Spit Roast for Expert Catering Services

Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to cater for a party or other event? What about a spit roast? This traditional method of cooking meat to perfection has long been a favorite, and London Spit Roast are the people to go to for expert services and a wide range of options.

London Spit Roast offers catering hog roast prices starting at ideal deals for feeding up to 25 people, and runs right through to options including full hog roasts that can feed hundreds. They supply all the equipment, plus as many chefs as are needed, and can also provide additional waiting staff, and also vegetarian dishes.

Why not have a closer look at the London Spit Roast website now for all your wedding caterers in London needs, and fill in the online request form for a competitive quotation on catering for your party or event, and ensure your guests have a great time.