Effective Municipal Sewage Plant Solutions

When it comes to major municipal sewage plants, one of the most important factors is keeping the cost as low as possible. This means finding the best waste treatment solutions, and you can rely on BluePlanet SA to help you in that area.

BluePlanet SA is the African distributor for the AquaClean range of bio-products, each of which uses bacterial active ingredients that have been carefully researched and tested. This makes them safe around people and animals, so you can cut down on chemicals and operate a green facility helping with biological waster water treatments.

AquaClean reduces outlay because it negates the need for handling of sludge, which it will actively reduce by as much as 40%, while it also acts on grease, oil and fats, plus eliminating gases and reducing odour. Used by municipal sewage treatment plants across the world, it is proven to be effective, so get in touch with BluePlanet SA now for more information.