Visiting Namibia? Don’t Miss the Fabulous Food!

namibi foodA holiday in Namibia is an excellent choice: this is a country of many wonders, one where the old Africa can still be experienced, and one of those wonders has to be the fantastic local cuisine even when on a Namibia Safari. As with much of Africa the influences are many when it comes to food, and few countries have such a wonderful choice of places to eat and other activities in Namibia there are many to choose from .

You can enjoy local food – and great wine – at a variety of excellent restaurants in the charming capital, Windhoek, and you will find the local dishes to be unlike anything you have back home. The friendly welcome is another bonus, for this is a city with a long history of welcoming travellers.
Namibia has a varied cuisine, from the stunning seafood dishes of the coastal areas to the magnificent game of the interior, so you are in for a treat. Check out Book Namibia, where you can find all the information you need on where to eat.